Content Creation

Welcome to Neox and thank you for taking interest in content creation for us! As of the posting of this Knowledge Base entry, we’re currently approaching the final stages of our development phase and are looking to promote our project as much as possible. Within this page we’ll outline what we’re looking for in regards to promotional work and hopefully, if it’s something that piques your interest, we can make arrangement to work together!

Our main goal is to have content created that emphasizes interest in our project. We’re hoping the videos can generate a sense of sincere intrigue in the systems we’ve been working on within (which’ll be outline within this document), our passion for the project itself, and just the general atmosphere we’re trying our hardest to create: community focused. Ever since we’d started this project up numerous months ago, through the thousands of collective developmental hours we’ve poured into it, we’re really hoping that same sense of passion and drive can be reflected within the promotional work that’s sent out for people to see and is in turn a reflection of us. Anyways, without getting into too much detail, here’s a more direct list of what we’re looking to have focused on within the upcoming content creation push:

General Content Focus

Tasks and Achievement System

Our server is home to more than 800+ unique tasks and achievements which’ll encourage players to participate in numerous activities all throughout the world.

Unique Interfaces

We’ve been working on and implementing unique interfaces for just about every interaction within the game; this includes shops, voting, donations, teleports, title management, pet management, mystery boxes, etc.

Custom Home Design

Our home has been custom designed and implemented to function as a generalized hub that supports a wide variety of early skilling, teleport options, and miscellaneous activities.

Wilderness Emblem

Neox currently has an item called a “Wilderness Emblem” that features its own unique mechanics whilst leveling. A Knowledge Base entry regarding this specific item can be found by clicking here.

Resource Bag

A unique approach to expanding inventory limitations that allows for players to store items within that can be deposited at their bank at a later time. This item can be upgraded through completing tasks and achievements.

Mystery Box and Surrounding Systems

The Mystery Box itself is filled less with any P2W gimmicks (as we’re quite adamantly against such an approach), and more with QOL incentives and unique systems such as Neox Dust (to be spent at the Dust Exchange, bonus experience lamps, and Neox skilling supplies).

Knowledge Base

Our Knowledge Base is being developed as an official data information hub where players can go to find quest guidelines, breakdowns on our unique items and systems, and just general overlaying information surrounding our project. It’s a work in progress and is being updated every day.

Growing Discord

We’d like to draw attention to our Discord that’s been growing slowly each day alongside the active staff within who’re regularly running different idea discussions and updates within the community, emphasizing that community involvement is one of our huge driving forces.

Server Content

Our server is currently up-to-date with the most recent iteration of osrs cache, including implementation of the newer wilderness bosses and respective instancing systems, all skilling aside from construction (which we’ll be looking to release post launch), functioning ironman modes, all available ingame bosses, fully functioning and tested CoX, and we are continuing to build upon the world for as much integration and involvement as possible.

Runelite Integration

Currently, we’re using Runelite as our main client and have begun integrating its internal features to work within our server, such as the hiscore listing live loading from player information and including information from their stats to boss killcounts.

If this seems like a project you’d be interested in working with and creating promotional media for, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re currently hosting Content Creator applications within our official Discord which will unlock a custom role on the Discord itself and grant access to our Bounty Board channel; a place where we’ll be regularly posting notices and allowing Content Creators to opt in if they’re interested in the potential advertisement project. We’ll also be keeping in direct touch with Content Creators to keep them involved in upcoming content.

If you’re one of the few we’ve directly approached in regards to joining us, and after reading this roughly outlined document, we hope that we’re a project that appeals to you in forming a potential contract with. If so, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we can arrange something.

For anyone interested in making use of our current branding assets, please use the following link for access to a drive where we’ll be uploading anything and everything related to our branding. We’ll continue to update this drive with any new bits of work we have done, so stay tuned!

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this and we look forward to hearing back from you.

Neox Staff