06/15/23 | Beta Patch Notes - Pyramid Plunder and Pickpocketing

Hey there, everyone! Having just recently pushed a bunch of changes to thieving, we figured it was about time we bring some of the related minigames up to spec. With this small patch, we’ve got a fair few changes to how Pyramid Plunder is going to be managed, alongside some pretty critical system changes regarding the performance of tasks.


Neox Staff



  • Added a few new tasks relating to selling artefacts to Simon Templeton.
  • Simon Templeton can now also be found in Sophanem, east of the Pyramid Plunder pyramid.
  • Pickpocketing loot will now be automatically deposited into the resource bag, if you are carrying an open bag and the loot you receive is eligible to be deposited in the bag.


  • Looting Urns in Pyramid Plunder is now 1 game tick faster, and the player animation now visually lines up with the urn changing state.
  • Significantly increased the amount of bags of riches obtained from Pyramid Plunder.
  • Simon Templeton will now purchase noted artefacts in your inventory and artefacts inside your resource bag, if you are carrying it.
  • It is now possible to start a pickpocketing action even if your inventory is full.
  • Updated Resource bag examine text to be a bit more descriptive about what the item does.
  • Significantly improved backend performance for certain types of tasks.


  • Added the ‘Desert’ category to some Pyramid Plunder tasks that were missing it.
  • Fixed some visual issues with category names on the task interface.
  • Fixed the Ardougne Citizen, Noble and Ruler achievements not requiring the previous tiers to be completed.
  • Fixed any size bag of riches obtained from pyramid plunder counting towards massive bag tasks.
  • Fixed an error with looting urns in Pyramid Plunder.
  • Fixed the higher tier variants of the ‘Steal bag of riches’ task not completing correctly. This change is retroactive, meaning your progress from before this update will now be correctly counted.


  • Nothing was removed this patch. We’re really shaking things up in that regard!