06/10/23 | Beta Patch Notes - Our New Home

Hey there, everyone! After some serious back and forth with the community and with our map developer, we’re finally ready to port the new home into the server and begin plugging it in. Over the next short while, we’re going to be moving all server assets onto the new home design and asking for your feedback in where to place things and how it feels overall. We’re very excited for this new iteration of the map as we genuinely believes it affords us a tremendous opportunity to introduce some really exciting elements to the server down the road (such as localized unique random events or questlines). Bear with us while we smooth everything out over the next couple of days regarding the new home, but for now… here’s the most recent patch notes.


Neox Staff



  • Updated the home area to our new custom map.
  • Updated the world map to include the new home area.
  • Added a new item to the misc shop (also given to new players) called a Neox teleport scroll used to teleport to points of interest around the home area.


  • Renamed the ‘Use the Box of Restoration’ task to ‘Drink from the Pool of Life’. Its description has also been updated.
  • Did some visual changes to title interface.
  • Changed the empty ores at the home area to coal.
  • Other misc changes around home area.


  • The ‘Pickpocket a Camper’ task now completes correctly.
  • Reverted the Varrock west bank basement to its original state.
  • Fixed RFD glove defence requirements.
  • Fixed an issue causing GE offers not to process.


  • Removed the ‘Enter the Home Workshop’ task.
  • Removed some old home interactions.